PIVXExtra is the PIVXPodcast junk drawer! To be fair, there's no junk! It's just episodes that don't have a dedicated series of their own. Don't feel sad for them, they just want to be heard.

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Why is PIVX Better than Bitcoin?

Posted in PIVXExtra on 2020-03-30

PIVX is an updated and upgraded version of Bitcoin and is often compared to Dash, the project it was forked from. But, what makes PIVX special and stand out fro...

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PIVX Roadmap

Posted in PIVXExtra on 2020-03-27

Over the past 3 plus years, we’ve provided some fairly robust and aggressive roadmaps. At times, certain projects move to the back burner, but overall, PIVX ha...

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Proof of Stake vs Proof of Work

Posted in PIVXExtra on 2020-03-23

A non-technical explanation of types of consensus, specifically the difference between Proof of Stake (POS) and Proof of Work (POW). It is also a great illustra...

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