PIVXPods is a PIVXPodcast series hosted by community members @PalmTree, @Jeffrey, and @Rhubarbarian.

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Together, we share our thoughts and views on many different subjects but somehow we always find time to talk about PIVX.


05-It's All About 5!

Posted in PIVXPods on 2020-11-03

It's All About 5! - This is PIVXPods first and only episode 5. To celebrate, we explore the amazing privacy features of the version 5 wallet, code named "(it'...

04-Noobs Guide to the Crypto Galaxy!

Posted in PIVXPods on 2020-07-11

Noobs Guide to the Crypto Galaxy! - Crypto terms explained for beginners. Your hosts will attempt to define cryptocurrency terms so even beginners can easily...

03-What the Fork!

Posted in PIVXPods on 2020-05-31

What the Fork! Within the cryptocurrency space, there are many different types of forks. We try to explain what's different between them and how PIVX and...

02-Hey Bitcoin, Where's My Interest?

Posted in PIVXPods on 2020-05-12

With the ever growing interest in Proof of Stake crypto currencies we investigate whether POS is the future. Also PIVX wallet version 4.1 is released into t...

01-Following PIVX Wallets - The Road to Privacy

Posted in PIVXPods on 2020-04-20

Learn about PIVX Wallets past, present, and future. Starting from the Bitcoin QT wallet and why that's not good enough anymore to the more recent improvement...